A Year of Living in Rhythm Bundle
Rebekah Lyons

A Year of Living in Rhythm Bundle

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For anyone who struggles with stress, anxiety, overcommitment, depression, or exhaustion, here's the next right step. The perfect companion to the bestselling Rhythms of Renewal by Rebekah Lyons, this beautiful journaling planner is exactly what you need to build restorative rhythms into your daily routine for a life of health, purpose, and joy. 

This bundle includes four autographed copies of the Rhythms for Life Planner & Journal. The journal lasts for 90 days meaning four copies would be a year's worth of guidance for living in rhythm.

As you begin this annual practice, you'll experience the renewal God offers. The best part? You'll live these rhythms for life in your own unique way, at a pace that works for you. This isn't a race, but a rhythm. Transformation happens one small step at a time.